Gratitude by The Haiku Project is another masterpiece of music to hang in the ever growing gallery of musical art for the artist. Hytteballe is a man who clearly knows his genre well, and relishes creating each and every brushstroke of tone for the listener to enjoy and get the most out of, and as I end this review I now finish by hanging a tag on the release, one that says, this is an absolute must buy at all costs, contemporary instrumental music really doesn’t come any better than this.
Steve Sheppard

This is entertaining music. I have to say the guitar adds that extra element that makes an instrumental ambient album entirely different.
I would be hesitant to put this into a sub-genre to new age but there is enough there that qualifies it. There are strong elements of rock and some jazz woven into the ten tracks offered here. In other words, to be honest, this is not music that is easily defined but I loved it.
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

“Gratitude” is a wonderful album that successfully reflects Henrik’s joy and deep gratitude for life. If you love authentic electronica, you will love this.
Dyan Garris