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The Haiku Project with Sara Grabow.

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“A different flight of fancy from what you might expect from healing music, the synth and voice are there, expertly intertwined, but the special sauce ladled out freely makes all the difference since this is coming from a personal place from both main participants. If the typical suburban mom doesn’t have this in the car after yoga class, then she’s just doomed to be a hopeless multitasker accomplishing nothing on her way to no where.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record



“With Sara’s vocals as a counterweight to Henik’s stark synth soundscapes, some tracks are quite startling, contrasting her New Age vocals with Henrik’s electronic neoclassical / soundtrack influence. With its impressionistic mix of 21st century electronica and postmodern, European romanticism, Nebula presents a fascinating cross-section of sounds.”

Robert Silverstein,




Worldly and other worldly. Piano, ambient soundscapes and orchestrations.

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“Glimpses is a great way to spend an hour or so allowing the music to take away a little bit of the edge that you come home with after a stressful day at work. It was apparent that Henrik aka The Haiku Project is a talented individual and was able to pour his feelings and emotions into these 12 songs that he has released on this album. The sound quality throughout is impeccable and the production standards are as usual for Real Music releases top notch.”

Michael Foster,


“Glimpses is one of those quality albums that will bring you instant peace and contentment. Henrik Hytteballe is in a class of his own and has created via The Haiku Project, one of the most stunningly beautiful albums that you will have heard for a long time. He has manifested a release that is deeply meaningful and so musically blissful, that you will never want the experience to end”

Steve Sheppard One World Music Radio /





Rock music with ambient soundscapes and electronic beats. Lyrics in Danish.

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Hytteballe står selv for det meste af musikken, men får dog hjælp på trommer af Bijan Farsijani på fire af sangene. Og musikken er iørefaldende, melodiøs electronica, der forsigtigt læner sig op ad og lader sig befrugte af postpunkrock og moderne folk. Som teksterne er musikstykkerne især stemningsstykker, der kræver en lytter, der vil give sig tid til at lytte med. Vi befinder os ikke i de kommercielle popradioers segment.

Capac 5 stjerner.






ambient and melodic rock. Music inspired by various light and nature

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“This Cd took me to Scotland, Greenland and Armenia. I got to see the Northern Lights and even a peek into Henrik´s garden. I was able to look into the sun with my ears and hear the morning come to life. What an exiting yet totally relaxing listening experience. I only wish some way to rate this album higher than just 5 stars.”  /  Edward


“This is a terrific album with no bad tracks.” Rick Johnson







rock concept album. Fantasy into music.

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Her tror man, at man skal lægge øre til et gængs rockalbum. Og så serverer danske Haiku en overraskende perlerække af storslåede, afdæmpede rockkompositioner på sit nye album »Mondo«.
 Albummets 11 numre er et langt eventyr. Dramatik og poesi er der masser af på albummet, og historien og teksterne er skrevet af Sokomo, der også selv lægger stemme til de fleste numre.

 Og den gør forskellen. Som en blanding af Leonard Cohen og Neil Diamond fascinerer han lytteren med sin dybe, sprøde stemme. Et absolut lækkert album, som man kun kan falde i svime over.


Charlotte Eilsø, Jyske Vestkysten.   *****






by The Haiku Project

A mystical blending of heavenly symphonic washes, ambient tones and articulate piano.

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“Flow is both worldly and otherworldly, meditative, and above all, deeply relaxing. Its symphonic sounds are wonderfully subtle; while acoustic instrumentation rounds it out with warmth and depth. Flow flows from song to song, staying true to song titles such as “Vision,” “Floating,” “Eternity,” and “Atlantis.” It sets a stage for your imagination to take flight and play, discover and dream.”   / Chris Spector, Midwest Record