NEW EP: “Ambient Sleep” Featuring Carl Borden, The Haiku Project, and Michelle Qureshi
“Ambient Sleep” is three tracks, three well-known artists, and 11-1/2 minutes of deep, peaceful, ambient music, all perfectly designed to help you fall sleep and stay asleep. This is the first compilation album (EP) from the myndstream label.
Carl Borden´s “Dreamscapes” is wonderfully ambient, ethereal, and appropriately dreamy.
It’s a most beautiful way to start this ultra-relaxing sleep EP.
The Haiku Project´s “Guuterput” is muted, dreamy piano, and gentle synth, along with soft angelic choir, we find ourselves slipping effortlessly and deeper into a state of complete relaxation.
Michelle Qureshi´adds her gentle ambient magic here in “Tomorrow by Another Name” is Graceful otherworldly synth mixed perfectly with soothing, tranquil guitar.”
Dyan Garris Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Henrik Hytteballe

March 16th, 2022

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