Du gik – new single from haiku

Du gik – new single from haiku

Most people know the feeling of being abandoned.
Du Gik is about just that: the grief and the loss – but also about the fact that even if the friendship no longer exists, nothing that was there has been lost. All the shared experiences live on in your mind.
The music is reminiscent of a melancholic folk song – in an electronic arrangement, with both acoustic piano and guitar creeping around the song.
Besides my own music, I play in a trio called STORIES. The 2 people from this trio – Kim Jeppesen (guitar) and Anne Bock (vocal) are helping me on this track.
Du gik is part of the new album FREEDOM to be released May 11th.
On FREEDOM there are also 3 songs made together with vocalists Lenny Martinez from Outlandish, Joel Alexander from EckoTrigger and 2 songs with Canberk Ulas on Duduk.

Henrik Hytteballe

April 9th, 2023

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