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LIFE  – new album out January 11th

LIFE – new album out January 11th

Real Music® proudly announces the release of Life, the fourth album for the label by Danish recording artist The Haiku Project (Henrik Hytteballe).

An impressionistic look at the time between one’s birth and one’s passing, Hytteballe’s rich, emotive music reflects the many moods and shades of the seasons and times of one’s life.

Hytteballe’s music has been described as “deeply meaningful and so musically blissful, that you will never want the experience to end,” “worldly and other worldly,” “a combination of music and art that meld together to produce eloquently gorgeous atmospheres and lush soundscapes.”

Being in constant pain after an accident 16 years ago, Hytteballe’s life philosophy is pure. “I am still here living my life. … music, painting, the beauty of nature, and that I can share all this with other people is why I am still here.”

Poul Bjorn

December 14th, 2018

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